To pay your reunion fees:
($20, $25, $50, or $80 per adult)
Choose one of the following options, add to cart, and then choose the number of people that will be attending. If you'd rather pay by check, please mail a check payable to Tina Fontanes to 5826 E 27th Pl, Yuma, AZ 85365.

If you can only attend one or two days of the reunion, you can buy tickets for those individual days.

For example, if you can attend Friday and Saturday, but not the family day on Sunday, then you can buy a "Friday night only" and a "Saturday dinner only" ticket for a total of $75, rather than buying an "Entire weekend" ticket for $80. If you can attend the entire reunion, though, the best deal would be the "Entire weekend" ticket.

You only need a ticket for each adult; you do not need to buy tickets for your kids. Note, however, that the Saturday dinner is adults only.

To buy an additional reunion hat:
($12 each)
You get one complementary hat for each ticket you purchase for the full reunion. To buy an additional hat, choose one of the following:
The following people have RSVPd for our reunion:

  • Shawnie (Stevens) Bartels
  • Charlie (Tony) Cowan (and guest)
  • Richard De La Cruz (and guest)
  • Deborah (Bovee) delaBruere (and guest)
  • Diana Espinoza (and guest)
  • Robert Espinoza (and guest)
  • Olga (De La Vara) Felde (and guest)
  • Tina (Caylor) Fontanes (and guest)
  • Jennifer (Driscoll) Franke (and guest)
  • Aurora (Delgadillo) Frost (and guest)
  • Carlos Gallegos (and guest)
  • Amy (McCain) Karvoski (and guest)
  • Adilia (Carlos) Kasid (and guest)
  • Gavin Kivisto (and guest)
  • Tayde (Martinez) Lund (and guest)
  • Monica Medel
  • Maribel Natal
  • Sean Norris
  • Tony Ortiz (and guest)
  • Francisco Pereda (and guest)
  • Charlie (Gideon) Powell (and guest)
  • Pennie Reed
  • Juan Qiroz (and guest)
  • Ruben Rodriguez (and guest)
  • Scott Sawyer
  • Bill Sterns (and guest)
  • James Thiessen
  • Tiffany Tyree (and guest)
  • Kim (Douglas) Urwiler (and guest)
  • Leticia (Rodriguez) Valencia (and 2 guests)
  • Kelly Wilde (and guest)
  • Patricia (Gonzalez) Zepeda (and guest)
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